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For assistance, please contact our librarian:

Christine Burke

[email protected]



About the Library

The Gertrude C. Miller Library provides library services in the Rockport High and Rockport Middle School, which are located in the same building. At the present time, it is staffed by one professional librarian. The library is open when school is in session. It has approximately 9,500 books, 45 periodicals,6 Nooks and 10 computers for homework and independent research. The library seats about 60 students out of a total combined population of roughly 500 students. The adjoining computer lab provides 25 computers for use by classes. Students can access the Internet, electronic databases and eBooks for research. The Gertrude C. Miller Library is a member of the Massachusetts Library System, and communication and cooperation takes place with the Rockport Public Library in order to meet student needs in the most effective way.